20 years of ACIN
ACIN Group, pioneer in creating technology solutions hosted in the cloud, was founded in 1999 as an IT training company.

Over the years, the Group has focused on creating practical, economical and user-friendly solutions meeting the different needs of the market and customers. Customers can benefit of a fully integrated service that incorporates data center, cybersecurity, backups, preventive, corrective as well as evolutionary maintenance, with low initial investment.

ACIN Group has been in the market for more than 20 years, with 4 companies, 12 software platforms operating in the market, approximately 200 employees and 270,000 customers worldwide. Currently, it is consolidated as a reference company in the National and International technology market.
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20 years of reward
The high quality of our products derives from a rigorous supervision of internal procedures that ensure continuous improvement of services and increase customer satisfaction levels.

ISO 9001 Standard: Ensures quality and satisfaction services commitments provided by ACIN Group.

ISO 27001 Standard: Ensures the confidentiality, integrity and privacy of the information managed by our platforms by implementing information security requirements and controls defined by the standard. ACIN’s Information Security Policy reflects our commitments to security.

ISO 20000 Standard: Ensures the compliance with established service levels for our customers and suppliers, increasing effectiveness of overall performance of the organization and Service Management System.

eIDAS Compliant: Rigorous certification as a trust service provider, accredited by the National Security Office and implemented in accordance with eIDAS Regulation (EU Reg No. 910/2014).